Digital Domain

Bringing the Marvel-ous to Life

With every new Marvel Studios release, there are countless stories to tell; a search for “Wakanda Forever” returns 27 million results (and that’s without Tom Holland spoiling the story). Visual effects studios like Digital Domain are just one piece of the pie, but an important one. Because for a fan base this passionate—and vocal—it’s gotta look right. So how do you carve a lane into something with such a massive scope, drilling down to an easy-to-parse yet interesting story, while everyone else is also vying for attention?

For Digital Domain, we created a distinctive press release style that is totally different from what most studios do, presenting information that is technically comprehensive while also highlighting how the VFX play into the storytelling (see: the army of amphibious superpowered warriors in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever or the destruction of Lamentis-1 in Loki). 


From Thor in 2011 to last year’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, Digital Domain is a mainstay of Marvel Studios projects, both film and episodic. As such, we work closely with not just the DD team but also the folks at Marvel, who trust us to ensure that every release is expressly approved before heading out into the world. (Fans might’ve learned about the return of a certain tentacled Spider-Man villain early, but it definitely didn’t come from us!) 

In the past three and a half years, we’ve placed over 860 pieces showcasing Digital Domain’s work, from major press like The Verge, BBC Click, and The Washington Post to niche outlets like CGW and CGSociety. As pop-culture nerds who watch all the things, we are uniquely equipped to identify what the trends are and how a project fits into the wider narrative. And for a studio this prolific and successful, with a steady stream of award nominations that includes 11 Academy Award nods, there’s always a new story to tell.