Smart Products, Smart Strategy

brand strategy / media coordination / Messaging / Product Launch

Once you start getting good press, how do you keep the momentum going? When motion capture maker Rokoko came to us looking to build on the successful debut of their Smartsuit, we saw the potential for more than a standard press release. By approaching their next product launch from a broader storytelling perspective, we were able to showcase not just the product but the brand itself, leading to in-depth reviews, interviews with the company’s founder, and articles syndicated on major sites like Yahoo! Finance

With the launch of Rokoko’s Smartgloves, successor to the popular Smartsuit, we created a sense of excitement by offering early looks and private demos for select members of the press, giving them the opportunity to be some of the first to test out the goods. And, due to the wide appeal of the product – from animation to design to VR and more – we made sure no stone went unturned. All told, our comprehensive product launch strategy led to more than 20 pieces of industry coverage and over 27,000 estimated views, going beyond a basic press release to position this young startup as thought leaders, constant innovators, and a brand to watch.