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Some companies make a dent. Others change everything. When Allegorithmic came on the games scene, they were offering a new way to texture 3D assets. Ten years later, they were the industry standard, used by 95% of AAA studios on everything from Call of Duty and Uncharted 4 to Rainbow Six Siege. We wanted one of the biggest 3D publications to rubber-stamp this journey, providing a retrospective that would validate the company’s standing and suggest big things to come. Enter: “The Rise of Substance.”

After working with Allegorithmic for over a decade, we knew their strengths inside and out. So we pitched a tiered feature to 3D Artist that would cover every facet of the Substance tools, using high-profile customers and company executives to sell the story. We arranged multiple interviews, got tips from Ubisoft and Camouflaj, coordinated a tutorial, sourced images, and more. The result was an extensive 5-page feature that not only chronicled the company’s history, but also put a light on perhaps their biggest asset: their devotion to their users. It was a major success.

“We had the chance to work with Liaison for about a decade. I can only say it has been a great pleasure and a true honor to develop a close relationship with Heidi, Colin, Ryan, and many more in the team through the years. I strongly recommend Liaison to any company in the extended Computer Graphics field: a very limited number of PR companies combine both a strong knowledge of the space and a true care for their customers.”

− Sebastien Deguy, Founder of Allegorithmic/VP of 3D & Immersive at Adobe