Digital Domain

Turning an Office Opening into a Statement

brand strategy / media coordination / Messaging / Press Release

For a thriving company, opening a new office is about more than simple expansion. Regardless of the square footage or location, christening a new facility is a sign of potential. The trick is conveying that to the world in a concise, exciting way. So when Digital Domain began to prepare for the opening of its new Montreal branch, Liaison created a unique, multi-tiered campaign that played to the company’s strengths, securing coverage in major press outlets from the Hollywood Reporter to Business Insider.

The office was Digital Domain’s ninth worldwide and second in Canada, but first in Montreal. With a two-pronged approach, based on interests and location, we created two very different pitches. The first went to industry press that would traditionally cover the expansion of one of the world’s biggest VFX firms, while the second focused on regional interests (including market research and the creation of an entirely new press list). From there, we tailored the message to the individual. While industry press wanted to know about the new facility’s capabilities and how it fit within Digital Domain’s overall strategy, we approached local press with a look at the style and influence the company would bring to Montreal. And the results were even better than expected. 

Along with coverage in some of the biggest trades, like Hollywood Reporter and VFX Voice, we coordinated stories with various local media outlets, including an interview with the Montreal Gazette that was syndicated throughout Canada – sharing news of Digital Domain’s robust growth to press outlets frequented by potential clients and creating regional buzz to drum up new work and spread goodwill.