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3D Tech Companies

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Tech companies are especially susceptible to having their social marketing taper off when their team’s focus shifts to the next big project. So, when Ncam—creators of the world’s most advanced real-time camera tracking system—approached Liaison to up their social game, we looked at their profiles to identify holes and opportunities. And within the first two months, our strategy was already delivering results, with an 80% increase in engagements and a 300% increase in reach.

Since Ncam’s audience is international, it was important to build a strategy that would resonate with people around the world. First, we created a campaign with a branded hashtag to highlight customer projects and get people excited about what Ncam tech could do, from AR news segments to productions driven by LED walls. Then, we created a series of posts designed to get people talking, increase impressions, and nurture our newly-engaged social community.

By creating a continuous stream of informative and entertaining social posts about camera tracking that touched on everything from film, TV, and streaming to sports, broadcast, and live events, we saw a significant increase in brand awareness, with over 400K impressions in just one year. And when we started to see similar jumps in social mentions and demo bookings, we knew we were connecting with the right audience. Small teams can struggle to find the time and energy to spend on social media, but the numbers don’t lie—social really does sell.