Making Sponsored Content Work For You

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When defining an advertising strategy, many brands skip over sponsored content – but they shouldn’t. In many ways this type of ad, which doesn’t look or feel like an ad, can get you more bang for your buck. A series of thought leadership pieces on 3D in retail created for TurboSquid, the world’s leading source for stock 3D models, outpaced the normal viewership statistics for every target publication, including VentureBeat. All of which led to glowing accolades from the company’s board – and the CEO being quoted in an Inc. article about 5G retail trends. That’s what they call “the snowball effect.”

Spreading the thought leadership articles across varied press outlets – including VentureBeat, 3D World, MultiChannel Merchant, Essential Retail and Total Retail – allowed us to tell very different stories, showcasing the breadth of the CEO’s expertise and, by proxy, the company’s offerings. Overall, this sponsored content campaign was an unmitigated success that brought TurboSquid’s message to a much wider audience, and helped direct their brand narrative in a number of high-level publications.