SEO for Tech Companies: A Case Study

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The best search engine optimization (SEO) practices can often be overlooked by tech companies. That’s where Liaison comes in. While you’re busy creating the next technical innovations, we’ll make sure your website gets on that front page of Google.


Just take a look at our work for Arcturus—the global leader in authoring, editing, and distributing volumetric videos. When Arcturus approached Liaison to increase their online exposure, we worked with them to analyze both their site content and competitors to find missed SEO opportunities.

We then developed an SEO plan that landed the Arcturus website on the front page of Google, ranking highly for almost 20 unique keywords, including volumetric video, volumetric video technology, and even Arcturus—all in just a few months.


Arcturus was beginning to see a payout from our strategy. In just the first three months we saw that the pages we optimized for SEO were driving more traffic to the Arcturus website, with an increase of 300 additional website visits per month. Their website traffic also increased by 30% overall.

Volumetric video is still a fairly new technology that several industries are just beginning to turn to, so it was vital to create new content that positioned Arcturus as leaders in the space. Our SEO-infused articles specifically addressed this, and helped the Arcturus website go from the 99th position on Google to the fifth for keywords like Create volumetric videos. This kept Arcturus at the top of people’s minds and complemented our ongoing PR work, which also helped get more people searching for Arcturus and sending them to the tech company’s website.


Results like these are why SEO shouldn’t be overlooked by tech companies. When you’re trying to sell your business and innovation online, and you’re looking to establish yourself as a leader in that space, SEO will become your best friend—just take it from Arcturus.