The Benefits of Storybranding

Content Creation / Copywriting / Messaging / Website Launch

Can AI get you work? Can an industry score promote positivity? After 20 years in the business, CGarchitect wanted to find out. Internally, the site was doing great. It was connecting archviz artists all over the world, and bringing in millions of visits while doing it. But the founder knew the industry needed something more—specifically, a way to tackle some of the key exposure and recruitment issues that were holding it back.

His vision? A new hub to help archviz artists get seen, get info, and get a job—all in one place. But instead of a simple reskin, this new site would boast a new infrastructure based on proprietary AI tools, magazine layouts, and a user score that rewarded community contributions. It was bold, but it was also validated by some of the top studios in the world. He just needed the copy to sell it.

Using the StoryBrand method, we crafted a narrative that spoke to what artists and studios actually care about. We then refined that into easily digestible blurbs that could be woven throughout the website, or used for future marketing campaigns. The result was a raging success, helping the site launch into the future and win a Communicator Award. Win-win.