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When it comes to mocap, Vicon is the gold standard for VFX. Marvel, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes – they all use it. But for years, Vicon went missing from the VFX breakdowns. Artists weren’t mentioning it, leaving lesser mocap companies to fill the void. Liaison helped reassert their presence, aligning them with an Academy Award-winning studio (Framestore) and two major projects (Thor: Ragnarok and Blade Runner 2049). Suddenly, Vicon was back.

Since major projects get you more coverage and more prestige, we wanted to connect Vicon to both as soon as possible. Interviews with Framestore yielded angles (fan favorites and cross-continent mocap!), giving us everything we’d need to write an engaging press release. And since we wrote each one like an article, the press could put them up as is, letting us work every bit of messaging into the final stories. There were 22 by last count.

“Year-on-year since we started working with Liaison, our market share has expanded and our revenue has gone up by a double-digit percentage.”

– Jeffrey Ovadya, Director of Sales & Marketing, Vicon