How great SEO can change your marketing strategy

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When you’re a small company, it can be difficult to manage all the puzzle pieces of integrated marketing – from branding and messaging, to blogs and social media, to advertising and PR. So when the creators of the world’s most advanced camera tracker found themselves struggling to be heard in a crowded field, they came to us for help.


To insiders, Ncam is known as the best tracker on the market. We just needed everyone else to know it as well. And we immediately identified a big hole in their puzzle: SEO. Experts agree it takes a minimum of six months to see SEO results. With Ncam, it only took four.

After analyzing their site and their competitors, we decided the most efficient way to reach their goals was to create a biweekly blog and social campaign highlighting key industry topics. Next, we developed an SEO strategy designed to land those blogs on the front page of Google for keywords related to what Ncam does best, from ICVFX to virtual production.


We published the first blog in April, and by July three Ncam blogs had hit the first page of Google for wide-ranging keyphrases including “real-time camera tracking” and “monster VFX” – which rocketed up from position 100 to position 6.

Additionally, posting regular, optimized content had the benefit of driving more traffic to the website, even for blogs that didn’t get to page one of Google, simply because we shared every new blog post on every channel. During the campaign’s lifecycle, we saw an increase of 1,800 website visits per month, an overall traffic increase of 32 percent – which is especially impressive for an ultra-niche product.


Results like these prove that SEO is a necessary piece of any integrated marketing strategy. Many CEOs we talk to feel overwhelmed because they don’t quite understand how it works. And that’s understandable, because SEO is a beast. That’s why we’re here to help.