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Sometimes PR is about opportunities, so when we found out that Elastic would go on the record about their Game of Thrones work, we jumped right in. As the lead creatives behind the show’s iconic credits, Elastic threw fans for a loop when they changed the sequence for season eight. We turned this surprise into a press release and multiple print features, using our client’s product (V-Ray) as an excuse to dive into the new credits and their evolution over the last 12 years.

Unlike some stories, where you only get one interview, we were working with the studio up until the night of the finale. Because the credits changed with each episode, Elastic could only talk about the changes after they aired. With the penultimate episode being so destructive, we worked with them down to the wire to make sure those design changes made it into the story. The result was an in-depth, 1,300-word piece that earned 12 stories, over 200,000 impressions, and a ton of praise for V-Ray.


“We’ve been working closely with Liaison for six years, and they’ve become an integral part of our team. Liaison has helped us emerge as an industry leader as our press coverage has grown exponentially. I’d recommend them to any firm looking to take their PR to the next level.”

− Lon Grohs, Global Head of Creative at Chaos Group