100 Years of
Motion Capture

brand strategy / film / media coordination / press feature / vfx

For more than three decades, Vicon has been a motion capture pioneer, influencing everything from VFX to healthcare. After a chance encounter at GDC, Engadget wanted to know more. We suggested a bigger story, and an article that began as a quick look at an influential company became a history of the technology as a whole, with our client at the center of it all.

We arranged for the Engadget team to tour Vicon’s Denver facility, giving them access to one of the most advanced optical capture labs in the world. They were able to try out Vicon’s equipment firsthand, interview experts in multiple industries, and film several segments for later use. The resulting piece, titled “100 years of motion capture,” appeared in two forms. The first, a video segment, supplemented Engadget’s Vicon footage with independently researched material, creating a documentary-style short that cast Vicon as the focal point of the current motion capture movement. A second piece included the video and a lengthy article discussing both the video’s content and the trip to Vicon. Together, the two pieces helped confirm Vicon’s position as the worldwide leader in motion capture – and it all began with a simple conversation.

“We are constantly impressed with Liaison’s ability to find the story and tell it in a truly engaging manner. The coverage they have generated has had a positive impact on our profile – and share price.”

– Nick Bolton, CEO, Oxford Metrics