e.d. Films

a Short Film
Long Reach

Animation / film / Press Release / Product Launch

When e.d. films – a Canadian animation studio with a unique hand-drawn style – asked for help with their new short, we got to work. Two months later, the Giant Bear trailer reached nearly 500,000 people through industry tastemakers like Cartoon Brew, AWN, and CGW, and was added to major animation festivals like Annecy, Athens Animfest, and GLAS.

Like many studios, e.d. films’ work tends to be cyclical: content creators spend painstaking months (even years!) creating the work, followed by a short window in which to publicize it. As they neared completion on Giant Bear, animated in a hybrid 2D/3D pipeline using the Unity game engine, we had a limited amount of time to tell a big story. We also wanted to continue the work we’d already been doing, helping them publicize their online store and the animation tools they sell. To leverage all sides of this studio’s multifaceted story, we laid out a tiered PR approach, creating a campaign that – depending on the outlet – referenced the creation, the content, and/or the tools. And with nearly 500,000 coverage views to date, the results speak for themselves.

“Since we began working with Liaison, we have seen our visibility, press attention, and requests for services skyrocket. Their story craftsmanship and deep-rooted industry knowledge, combined with the motivational relationship we have with their team, is above and beyond the norm.”

– Emily Paige, President, e.d. films