Chaos Czech Releases Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D

500+ Ready-Made Materials, an Upgraded Sky Model and Performance Boosts of up to 50%

PRAGUE, Czech Republic
August 4, 2021

Today, Chaos Czech releases Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D, a new update to the most artist-friendly renderer for C4D. Artists can now access the Corona Materials Library directly from within C4D, add realistic lacquer with Clearcoat, depict digital weather using real data, and much more, bringing new creative freedom to any design.


With 35 new presets for glass, metal and fabric, the new Physical Material makes it simple to set up accurate surfaces in minutes. Though intuitive for beginners, the Physical Material also comes with multiple features for deeper control, including Sheen parameters for creating photoreal fabrics like velvet, and Clearcoat, which allows users to add lacquer to objects like cars without making them look plastic.

The Corona Materials Library is now available in C4D, offering artists 500+ ways to instantly tailor a 3D scene – from starting point to customized result.


The Sky Model also sees its biggest expansion yet in Corona Renderer 7. The new Altitude Parameter leverages real-world data to let artists accurately depict what the sky will look like from any height. Meanwhile, the new Volume Effect improves the look of large-scale scenes by blending distant objects like mountains more naturally with the atmosphere.


“Corona 7’s toolset has been incredibly robust and reliable to use,” said Ash Thorp, artist and president, ALT Creative, Inc. “It has not only allowed me to achieve the level of realism I have always aimed for, but it does so in a very manageable way, which makes using it a joy.”

Other New Features Include:


  • Faster Rendering – Enjoy 5-50% faster render times on scenes heavily using newly optimized features like better transparency processing and denoising.


  • The Corona Volume Grid – Load OpenVDB files to render simulations including smoke, fire, water and more.


  • Industry-Standard Defaults – Automatically apply Roughness and IOR as material defaults for greater compatibility with industry standards, or switch to Glossiness and Specular when desired.


  • More Control Over Metals – Control metal materials more intuitively using the default Edge Color parameter, or use Complex IOR for physically correct scenes.


  • Easy UI Navigation – Explore the UI with the help of tooltips, which provide key information on different Corona Renderer parameters whenever the mouse hovers over them.


To try Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D now, please visit the Chaos Czech website.



Corona Renderer 7 is available now for the Mac OS and Windows versions of Cinema 4D, R14–S24 (64-bit). Pricing is subscription-based, with monthly rates set at $28.50 and yearly rates at $330. A free 45-day commercial trial is also available at: