Zero Density Releases High-Precision Tracking Platform for Virtual Production

Track Cameras With Six Milliseconds of Latency; Track Multiple Actors Using AI

August 28, 2023

Today, Zero Density releases its Traxis Platform, a turnkey solution that makes high-precision tracking on virtual productions easier than ever. Featuring solutions for camera tracking, talent tracking and tracking control, the Traxis Platform enables creatives to tell immersive stories with photoreal virtual graphics — all while eliminating traditional barriers like long calibration times, distracting markers and expensive latency errors.


With an accuracy of up to 0.2 mm and ultra-low latency of just six milliseconds, the Traxis Camera Tracking system offers exceptional precision. On a virtual production, this ensures continuous calibration and seamless real-time results, so that every camera move that happens on set is reflected in the virtual world without delay. Virtual graphics can then be broadcast live without breaking the audience’s immersion.


For talent tracking, the Traxis platform includes an AI-powered system that can identify multiple actors within a 3D environment at once. The Talent Tracking system uses AI to extract the actor’s 3D location from the image in real time, then sends the data to Reality Engine to create accurate reflections, refractions and virtual shadows of the actor inside 3D space. The technology is completely markerless, which streamlines setup and maintenance, and means actors no longer need to be distracted by wearables or beacons that make it harder to perform.

At the heart of the Traxis platform is the Traxis Hub, a comprehensive tool that manages both tracking and lens calibration data. Compatible with all industry-standard tracking protocols, the hub brings together all available tracking and lens data into a centralized interface, significantly reducing setup time. The hub has a library of the most commonly used broadcast lenses, enabling quick and easy calibration.


“Traxis isn’t simply a tracking platform. It’s a meticulously crafted solution aimed at enhancing workflows, increasing tracking quality and minimizing ownership costs,” says Amir Hochfeld, Chief Product Officer at Zero Density. “With its unmatched support, pinpoint accuracy and streamlined design, it stands out as the go-to solution for high-demand environments.”


Pricing and Availability

The Traxis platform is available now. For more information, join Zero Density at IBC 2023 to experience the future of virtual production with Traxis. Find Zero Density at booth 7.B01.