Zero Density Previews Unreal-Based On-Air Graphics Solution

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April 13, 2023

Today Zero Density announces ZD | OAG, an on-air graphics solution that gives broadcasters all the software and hardware they need to leverage Unreal Engine for any production including news, entertainment, elections and more. Featuring the latest Ada generation NVIDIA GPU and Zero Density graphics software, ZD | OAG empowers broadcasters to easily tell immersive stories with photoreal UltraHD visuals – straight out of the box.


“We thought photoreal graphics should not be limited to virtual studios and extended it to on-air graphics with ZD | OAG,” says Zero Density CEO, Ofir Benovici. “With support for real-time external data feeds, automation systems and integration to NRCS systems through MOS protocol, ZD | OAG takes the guesswork out of setting up an on-air graphics workflow. Anyone can start using ZD | OAG as a standalone product or with other Zero Density solutions depending on what their project requires.”


Designed to meet the unique demands of broadcast production, including 24/7 operation, ZD | OAG’s custom graphics tools are built on top of Unreal Engine and enable users to take advantage of animation control, text effects and more to create stunning visuals with ease. The software and hardware bundle also includes Zero Density’s universal control UI, RealityHub, with which broadcasters can control everything from real-time graphics to robotic cameras – all in one place.


ZD | OAG is available through a subscription program, enabling users to access the software and lease the hardware from Zero Density at reduced upfront costs with increased flexibility compared to the perpetual license scheme. Users will always have access to the latest version of the product or service as well as technical support, no matter where they are located.


Additional benefits of ZD | OAG include:


  • Eye-catching Graphics — At the core of ZD | OAG is Unreal Engine, the industry standard for photorealistic graphics. With tools for easy animation, text effects and automation, ZD | OAG is a complete Unreal Engine-based solution that can be used for anything from news to entertainment, live sports, elections, game shows and more.


  • Unified Control Hub — Users can leverage Zero Density’s web-based control application, RealityHub. This versatile platform provides seamless integration with newsroom and automation systems and interfaces for external data feeds, ensuring broadcasters have all the tools needed to effectively manage their graphics workflows.


  • Stress-Free, Future-proof Productions — ZD | OAG’s subscription model allows users to pay annually for everything they need to create photorealistic graphics, offering a more cost-effective option than large upfront payments. Customers will always have access to the latest product or service updates and can cancel or modify their subscription at any time.


To learn more about ZD | OAG, see Zero Density at NAB booth N1817. Book a meeting here.


Pricing and Availability

ZD | OAG will be previewed at NAB Show and is planned to be released later in 2023.