Wacom Unveils New Signature Pads for Healthcare

The STU-530 and STU-430 Streamline Electronic Signature Process for Medical Forms; Showing at AHIMA 2013 in Booth #435

October 23, 2013

When healthcare efficiency goes up, so does quality of care. With the new STU-530 and STU-430 Signature Pads, Wacom is presenting healthcare providers with a way to efficiently capture electronic signatures, reduce patient registration times, and cut administrative costs.


Starting on October 26th, the Signature Pads can be seen live at AHIMA 2013 (booth #710) in Atlanta, Georgia.


Digital workflows are rapidly becoming the standard for all healthcare institutions. By using electronic handwritten signatures, medical organizations can substantially reduce the time it takes to manage patient consent, history and registration forms. With no paper to archive, hospital staff have more time to devote to patient care – all while maintaining a system that covers legal and general information requirements.


“Consent forms aren’t going away, they’re multiplying,” said Michael Marcum, vice president of vertical market solutions for Wacom Americas. “Adding an electronic handwritten signature to electronic documents ensures that these forms get processed fast and increases the amount of patients clinics can treat every day.”

The new Signature Pads come in two varieties: the 5” high-resolution color STU-530 and the monochrome 4.5” STU-430. Each product is extremely durable and comes with a hardened surface that is highly resistant to scratches.The cordless and battery-free pen is highly reliable, ensuring that it’ll be available when needed.


A signature can be used as evidence in legal proceedings, so the Signature Pads are capable of capturing all of the data necessary for forensic document examiners to determine authenticity. Since handwritten signatures are unique, their attributes (aka the biometric profile) can be captured and used to uphold their validity. Pen strokes, direction, velocity, pen movements between strokes, and degree of pressure used are all captured, giving hospitals both peace of mind and hard data.


“Signature Pads are a cost-effective way for health organizations to improve quality of care and their bottom line,” added Marcum. “One less problem to solve.”


For the full list of features or to learn more about these products, click here.


To schedule a meeting with Wacom during AHIMA 2013, please contact: Alan Orth, alan.orth@wacom.com


Pricing and Availability

The STU-530 ($299 USD) and STU-430 ($249 USD) will be available in November. Visit the Wacom website for additional product information.