Volograms Introduces ‘Vologram Messages,’ an Automated Solution to Make Interactive 3D Holograms from User Videos

Designed for Professional Users, Uploaded Videos are Returned as Professional-Quality, Interactive 3D Holograms with Audio, Accessible Anywhere; Free Trial Available

May 25, 2023

Today, AI expert Volograms, the pioneers in creating 3D holograms using a single camera, announce “Vologram Messages,” a new creation system powered by AI that can turn standard video into professional quality 3D holograms. Now, anyone looking for a better way to engage people — from marketing announcements to corporate communications to wedding invitations — can simply record a standard video of the person, then upload the clip and receive a 3D version of that person that can be viewed anywhere.


“From the moment Volograms was founded, our goal was fairly simple: we wanted to create a way to make volumetric holograms accessible to anyone and everyone,” said Rafa Pagés, Volograms’ CEO. “With the introduction of Vologram Messages, we can now offer businesses and organizations a way to simplify the 3D hologram creation process and make it accessible to everyone. For a business looking to announce, promote, sell or even just engage with their own teams, this is an easy and affordable way to stand out.”


Where most comparable technologies require multiple cameras or depth sensors working in unison to create a 3D video, Volograms’ proprietary single-camera solution uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze a normal recording of a person and extrapolate a 3D volumetric hologram, viewable from any angle. In 2021, this breakthrough led to the introduction of Volograms’ Volu, the first personal 3D hologram creation tool for mobile devices. Apple iOS users can simply record a five-second video, which is then converted into a 3D hologram that can be viewed and shared within the app. Vologram Messages takes that technology and goes much further, offering companies and organizations a professional holographic solution using any camera, viewable anywhere.


Vologram Messages users can record normal videos with audio, select the length — currently up to two minutes, but longer clips are available upon request — and upload the clip directly to Volograms’ cloud servers. The video is then converted automatically from 2D to 3D, and from there can be integrated into an interactive web-based augmented reality (webAR) template of their choice. Users can customize the template to include specific calls to action, including initiating user sign-ups, steering audiences to specific web pages and more. Additional visual elements and personalized copy can be added as well.

For customers looking to go even further, advanced interactive options can also be requested. Working with a handful of established partners, Volograms can deliver tailored user flows, interactive product demos, customized analytics, gamified experiences and more to create an elaborate — and unique — campaign.


Once complete, the full interactive experience will be stored in Volograms’ cloud servers, ensuring that it can be accessed on any web browser or smart device. Thanks to a partnership with volumetric video editing and streaming providers Arcturus, the clip is streamed from the cloud using an adaptive bitrate that compresses the file, ensuring a high-quality stream regardless of broadband speeds. Users will then receive a link that can be integrated into their websites, sent via email or even shared via social media. They will also receive a personalized QR code, which can be included on any official materials, product labels, business cards and more.


Since its founding in 2018 by Rafa Pagés, Jan Ondrej and Kostantinos Amplianitis, Volograms has raised over $3M in venture funding to help build more accessible volumetric holograms. The company was initially spun out of Trinity College Dublin, and its AI technology has won industry awards such as the Augmented World Expo Auggie Award. The release of Vologram Messages is the first in a series of major releases planned for 2023, all focused on increasing the accessibility of 3D volumetric holograms through a comprehensive platform. Additional news will be announced in the near future.


Free Trial

For users looking to understand the business opportunities behind Vologram Messages, the company is offering a free trial. Users can simply upload a five-second video clip, and within a few days they will receive a QR code with the 3D hologram, which can be viewed on web browsers and smart devices.


Details on the complete service, including the free trial, can be found here.