Focusing on Virtual Cinematography

Client: disguise


Outlet: VFX Voice

July 27, 2023

Virtual cinematography has been defined by practical expertise on cameras, lensing and lighting while extending its influence, with real-time game engines being the cornerstone for virtual production and previsualization becoming a staple of live-action blockbuster productions. However, the paradigm that defines the cinematic language is shifting as drones are making once impossible shots achievable and several generations have grown up playing video games. The animation, film and television and video games industries are brought closer together as their tools become more universal and integrated. Whether this trend continues, if controversies such as the Life of Pi winning the Oscar for Best Cinematography dissipates, and whether it will become commonplace for animation DPs to be invited into the ranks of organizations like the American Society of Cinematographers, remain to be seen. There is also the issue of having the cinematographer consulted during post-production to ensure that the camera, lens and lighting choices are consistent, thereby maintaining the visual language.


To develop a complete understanding of the evolving relationship between virtual and live-action cinematography, professionals from film, television, animation, video games, commercials and virtual production have been consulted.


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