Meet the technical artist

From TVBEurope

June 21, 2022

Client: Zero Density
Outlet: TVBEurope


Zero Density’s Menaf Seçilmiş got his start in the media tech industry while interning at the company as a student. Now he helps build virtual studios for the likes of the BBC and The Weather Channel.


Talk us through an average day in your role

I’m a technical artist that specialises in Unreal Engine. My role at Zero Density involves setting up demos that showcase both our virtual studio gear and Unreal Engine-based Reality graphics software. I start my day with a team meeting at 11am. If there’s a demo to build that day, I’ll then prepare the required proof of concept as well as check we have all the necessary hardware in our in-house studio for things like tracking. I’ll also check our SDI connections and camera settings.


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