Turbosquid Releases Kraken – The Only 3D Asset Manager Built for Big Business

Custom Asset Management Service Makes 3D Content More Accessible to Sales and Marketing Teams; No 3D Experience Required.

June 25, 2019

TurboSquid, the world’s leading 3D marketplace, today announces the release of Kraken Enterprise, a powerful new 3D asset management platform designed to help enterprise and Fortune 500 companies manage their vast libraries of digital 3D content.


“The problems are the same, regardless of company,” said Matt Wisdom, CEO of TurboSquid. “Assets are scattered across multiple drives, quality is uneven, and team members aren’t always sure which file or format to use for their project, making it difficult to respond quickly to opportunities. And the more assets you have, the harder it gets to scale with these issues. We help companies get back on track.”

As the public continues to buy more items online, the race to sell products in an enticing way has led many retailers to 3D. Able to depict anything from product spinners to VR, 3D can replace the brick and mortar experience, offering the realism required to hook people on any device. But 3D also comes with challenges and many organizations are discovering how complex (and unorganized) the process can be.


With its secure, cloud-based network, Kraken Enterprise is readily accessible to any large organization, helping them manage, create and share content across departments, even when team members are spread across the globe. And while the platform is customized according to each organization’s specific needs, every version includes fast searches, secure file sharing and a highly visual interface.

Seeking help, major brands and big-box retailers turned to TurboSquid, owner of the world’s largest 3D asset library, for a custom solution. Seeing recurring patterns, TurboSquid was able to adapt their internal tools for big business, creating a platform that could easily handle thousands of models in a highly searchable way.


Kraken Enterprise allows users with no previous 3D experience to easily access 3D content, helping sales and marketing teams generate more revenue with their digital assets while maintaining brand consistency. Designed for seamless integration with existing DAM systems and PLM platforms, Kraken Enterprise also helps streamline the pipeline for creating new 3D shopping experiences including configurators, 3D product spinners, VR/AR and more. Once uploaded, every asset can be rotated and re-lit using simple sliders, helping anyone produce a photorealistic image in seconds.

Since Kraken Enterprise accepts all major 3D file formats, it can easily adapt to any catalog. Users can import and categorize existing content, adding new models as needed, while search and filtering tools make it easy to find the right, most up-to-date asset for the job. Whether sharing content internally or with external partners, Kraken Enterprise makes it easy to download a variety of file formats and outputs from one asset, ensuring a faster path to revenue growth.


TurboSquid is currently working on custom versions of Kraken Enterprise for major brands in the retail and furniture markets. Kraken Enterprise is TurboSquid’s fourth major service aimed at simplifying the 3D experience for brands and artists, following their online marketplace, PixelSquid and StemCell, a breakthrough 3D conversion tool released in 2017.


To set up a demo, visit kraken3d.com.


Pricing & Availability

Kraken Enterprise is available now. Since every version is customized, potential users are encouraged to contact TurboSquid for their personalized quote (hello@kraken3D.com).