TurboSquid Can Now Indemnify 3D Stock Up To $1M

New Licensing Tiers Launch with 450,000 Indemnified Models; More Peace of Mind for Enterprise, VFX and Production Studios

June 17, 2020

Today, TurboSquid adds two new licensing tiers to its 3D marketplace, providing creative indemnification of up to $1 million for 450,000 3D models. Building on TurboSquid’s standard $10,000 indemnified licenses, these new tiers will provide even more protection for the enterprise and production studios that need it.


“We encounter companies on a regular basis whose legal teams require more protection than our standard license,” said Matt Wisdom, CEO of TurboSquid. “Now, instead of slowing down the process with custom licenses, we are offering multiple tiers designed for businesses big and small. This should make it easier on everyone and provide a lot more peace of mind.”


The new protections guard against rare occasions where a stock model’s use is disputed on a commercial project. These situations give some studios pause and have led to requests to raise TurboSquid’s indemnification guarantees so artists can feel unfettered as they produce VFX, ads, episodics and more. Now, this can all be done completely through the site – no lawyers required.


Initially, TurboSquid is applying these new tiers to 450,000 models, covering all categories within its library. Both original and trademarked models can be found by clicking the “Enhanced Licenses” option on the TurboSquid filter bar. TurboSquid’s content scanning system will also continue to assess new models for indemnification, with plans to work through the rest of the library by the end of summer.


Pricing and Availability

The new tiers are accessible now and will be available in the licensing dropdown section of the initial 450,000 models. The small business tier, which provides $250,000 in extra protection, is priced at an additional $149 per model. The enterprise tier, which offers $1 million in extra protection, can be added for $299 per model.