Zero Density boosts virtual production with its high-precision tracking platform

Client: Zero Density

Outlet: TM Broadcast


September 27, 2023

Zero Density has recently released a solution that makes high-precision tracking in virtual production easier than ever: its Traxis Tracking Platform. The Traxis Platform allows creatives to produce immersive stories with photoreal virtual graphics, while eliminating traditional barriers like long calibration times, distracting markers and expensive latency errors. Also, it features solutions for camera tracking, talent tracking and tracking control.


The platform offers an accuracy of up to 0.2 mm and ultra-low latency of just six milliseconds, so the Traxis Camera Tracking system offers exceptional precision. On a virtual production, this ensures continuous calibration and seamless real-time results, so that every camera move that happens on set is reflected in the virtual world without delay. Virtual graphics can then be broadcast live without breaking the audience’s immersion.


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