The Foundry Launches Award-Winning Software, KATANA, for Windows

KATANA 2.5 brings greater efficiency to studios of all sizes with new Windows port; Professional look development and lighting tool is now easier to install and supports plug-ins for RenderMan, V-Ray, Arnold and 3Delight

July 14, 2016

Today, The Foundry launches the latest update to its professional look development and lighting tool. Responding to customer demand, KATANA 2.5 will offer support for Windows, putting the award-winning tool in front of more artists working in VFX, broadcast and animation.


The new port makes KATANA’s full toolset available to Windows-based studios, previously unable to take advantage of the famous “lighting recipes”. Additionally, the toolset is easier to install and supports a number of plug-ins including Renderman, V-Ray, Arnold and recently 3Delight.


Andy Whitmore, chief product officer at The Foundry said, “The Foundry is constantly striving to help artists be more creative by providing them with the best software solutions in the industry. Launching on Windows and adding support for more industry-standard renderers is a fantastic example of us giving artists more flexibility to work the way they want.

“KATANA is a powerful look development and lighting tool that can offer huge benefits to studios of all sizes, so we’re thrilled to be announcing its Windows launch. Now even more artists can benefit from the tools that KATANA offers to make their workflows quicker and more efficient.”


Equally suited to both short and long-form animation and VFX projects, KATANA’s unique design was created to help artists conquer a notoriously time-consuming process. Used in studios from Industrial Light & Magic and Pixar to Atomic Fiction, KATANA allows artists to turn creative lighting setups into “recipes” that can be shared amongst the team, cutting down the time it takes to turn out complicated shots.


“KATANA has become the bedrock of our pipeline,” said Kevin Baillie, co-founder at Atomic Fiction. “Big scenes, experimental lighting set-ups, we can throw anything at it and it’ll give us production-ready results that we can share up and down the chain. With timelines getting shorter and shorter, you need tools like KATANA around; there’s no other way to get the work done.”


KATANA 2.5 is available today as a beta release and will be shipping soon; supported platforms are Linux RHEL Centos 6 and Windows 7 64-bit. To find out more about all of KATANA’s features and benefits, visit For information on pricing and how to purchase, or to request a trial as part of the beta program, contact: