The Foundry and Luxology Join Forces

Combined group will provide a new avenue for computer graphics production
September 25, 2012

Leading visual effects software developer, The Foundry has today announced a merger with US- based technology company, Luxology LLC for an undisclosed sum.


The Foundry’s portfolio of VFX software includes Sci-Tech Award® winning technology and is used to create breathtaking effects sequences on a wide range of features, television projects and commercials. High profile examples include the 2012 Oscar® winners, “HUGO” (Best Visual Effects) and “Rango” (Best Animated Feature Film) as well as the EMMY award-winning “Boardwalk Empire.”


Luxology’s multi-award winning 3D software – modo® – is used by thousands of artists and designers worldwide. The company is favoured for its fresh approach to modelling, animation and rendering tools. Over the years modo has been awarded an Apple Design Award for ‘Best OS X Graphics,’ a MacUser Award for ‘Best 3D/Animation Software’ and a Game Developer Frontline Award for ‘Best Art Tool.’


Both companies pride themselves on their customer relationships and product innovation. Together they will offer a wide-reaching set of 2D and 3D software products for digital production in both the entertainment and design industries.


Bill Collis, CEO of The Foundry comments:

“We think modo is the world’s best 3D content creation tool, and that by joining forces with Luxology we can offer a more far-reaching range of tools to the creative industries. The Foundry’s software portfolio in VFX has been steadily expanding year on year, fuelled by unique deals with companies including Disney, Sony Pictures Imageworks and Weta Digital. At a time when competitors are downsizing, we are thrilled to be making such a positive announcement that we believe will position us to continue our rapid growth.”


Brad Peebler, President of Luxology comments:

“We’ve long seen The Foundry’s tools as a fundamental part of modern media production and we couldn’t think of a better partner to work with. This deal will allow us to accelerate the development of modo, ushering in a whole new era for our customers. But more than that, the scale and breadth of our combined product line will put the key tools needed for the creation of digital media under one roof. Game development, marketing and advertising, industrial and architectural design, feature film and broadcast – everyone stands to gain.”



The Foundry’s portfolio includes NUKE, the industry leading high-end compositor used on almost every Hollywood blockbuster to hit cinema screens today. Luxology’s flagship product is modo, a world-class 3D modelling and rendering package used by leading games developers, production houses and design firms worldwide.


The Foundry and Luxology have very complementary product offerings and share a similar customer base. They have also cultivated thriving user communities which will both benefit hugely from technology adapted from the existing products of the other company.


Dr. Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research comments:

“If ever a marriage was made in heaven, this is it. Luxology and The Foundry were made for each other, or more accurately I should say, for the industry. The companies complement each other perfectly, and the cultures are remarkably similar – this is going be a frictionless transition.”