Tech Soft 3D Announces New Product Suite for Desktop, Mobile and Web Development

SDKs From Leading Desktop Toolkit Provider Will Allow Engineering Application Developers to Build New Tools in Cloud and Mobile Environments

October 2, 2013

Over the next four weeks, Tech Soft 3D will introduce a suite of products to help engineering software developers build cloud and mobile compatibility into their applications. Focused on leading the charge into new environments for engineering applications, this new set of tools will enable developers to deliver robust, graphic-enriched software on a faster timetable than ever before.


“The engineering software industry is rapidly moving toward mobile and web environments,” said Kathleen Maher, Vice President of Jon Peddie Research. “The shift has been inspired by the arrival of the iPad tablet, which has stimulated a vibrant community of developers creating point tools for design and engineering. Tech Soft 3D’s expertise and leadership in this area will help the industry meet this growing demand.”

Developers currently have to code mobile or web applications from the ground up. Tech Soft 3D’s upcoming toolkits allow developers to start one step ahead, and focus their attention on core competencies rather than supporting high-performance graphics on different platforms.


“Our customers demand a solution that provides end users with an experience that will accelerate design and ultimately get a product to market faster,” said CEO of GrabCAD, Hardi Meybaum. “Partnering with Tech Soft 3D and building on their proven HOOPS technologies has enabled us to do this with ease and elegance. Now we have the time and freedom to focus on what we do best.”


Key products within Tech Soft 3D’s mobile and web product suite include:


  • HOOPS Visualize: The industry’s most widely used visualization toolkit becomes even more robust in an update that focuses on the high-performance handling of large models and assemblies.
  • HOOPS Visualize for Mobile: This new product allows engineering software developers to develop mobile applications that work across all iOS and Android devices.
  • HOOPS Communicator: Radically updated, this true plug-in technology enables advanced 3D visualization and model inspection in web and mobile applications for developers without any 3D expertise.
  • HOOPS Exchange: This upcoming release of HOOPS Exchange will be available for licensing in cloud/server environments, putting proven CAD data access tools in the hands of next-generation application developers for a customized final product.
  • HOOPS Publish: A new version of HOOPS Publish will be available for licensing in cloud/server environments to enable a variety of 3D data workflows, allowing for production of unique software that is untethered from the desktop.

Developers have used Tech Soft 3D’s advanced tools for over a decade to extend engineering solutions and products, ranging from venerable CAD solutions such as PTC’s CADDS5, to more recent applications from companies like Autodesk, SolidWorks and Trimble. Tech Soft 3D’s experienced software development team understands what developers want and need today (and tomorrow) in their mobile and web environments.


“We have always been focused on helping software teams achieve their goals quicker than they could before,” said VP of Products for Tech Soft 3D, Gavin Bridgeman. “This upcoming suite of products allows our partners to license reliable technology from a company they trust to be their long-term strategic technology partner.”


Pricing and Availability

These products will be launching individually throughout October. Customers will be able to purchase them individually or as part of a package. For more information, please contact (541) 383-4126.