disguise & Xplor partner on training initiative

Client: disguise

Outlet: Post Magazine

April 25, 2023

Disguise (www.disguise.one) and Xplor recently announce a partnership that’s designed to address the skills gap in virtual production. Together, the two organizations are launching the Virtual Production Accelerator, a learn-
ing program that will give trainees hands-on experience with the latest realtime technologies and advanced LED volumes.


The program will be based at Xplor’s new multi-million dollar Production Park facility in West Yorkshire, which boasts a 340-square-meter virtual production volume and XR studio with ROE Visual LED screens. The program is well suited for both students and industry professionals, and spans a four-dayperiod in which participants will ramp up their skills in volume control operations, virtual art department integration and practical shoot elements through a combination of online, classroom and on-set learning.


Xplor’s training is delivered by education providers Backstage Academy, who are specialists in live-experience production, supporting the future of the industry through undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, as well as short courses. Operating from Production Park, their facilities are just one of the 400-plus virtual production studios and XR stages globally that are running on disguise solutions.


Order issue (March/April 2023).