Pluralsight Partners with GoEngineer to Expand SOLIDWORKS Training Library

Fifty New SOLIDWORKS Courses Due Out by End of Year; 20-Percent Discount for New Users

May 16, 2016

Pluralsight, a global leader in online learning for technology professionals, has teamed with GoEngineer, a leading reseller for SOLIDWORKS, to create 50 new SOLIDWORKS courses for CAD students of all levels by the end of 2016. With ten courses currently available and another 40 in the works, these lessons provide a professional framework that will help amateurs, professionals and entire organizations train quickly, with an intuitive online format guided by industry experts.


“When engineers, designers and makers are inspired, technology evolves faster,” said Andy Rahden, Vice President of Creative, Design and Engineering at Pluralsight. “Now our subscribers can use GoEngineer’s 28 years of training experience as a stepping stone to better, more efficient designs, all at a price point that fits into their monthly budget.”


This partnership signifies a deeper commitment to CAD learning for Pluralsight, which has already amassed over 4,700 online training courses. GoEngineer is set to contribute 20 more courses per year, with a focus on engineering training for users without much direct industry experience.

Courses will be offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The first 10 courses include:


  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Symmetry and Basic Patterns
  • SOLIDWORKS – Multi-body Part Design
  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Simulation Xpress
  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Basic Part Modeling
  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Assembly Modeling
  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Basic Drawings
  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Editing Errors and Design Changes
  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Designing Molded & Casted Parts
  • SOLIDWORKS – Working with Curves and Splines
  • SOLIDWORKS – Layout Based Assembly Modeling


Pluralsight currently offers more than 300+ hours of manufacturing and design-focused training, along with over 4,700 creative, dev and IT courses. New training is added daily, and you can watch 24 hours a day, seven days a week on any device.


A complete course overview is available here.



Along with annual pricing options, Pluralsight also offers a 10-day free trial. Until June 15, new users can sign up and receive an addition 20-percent off the annual subscription fees.