NIM Labs Launches NIM 6.0 to Supercharge the Bidding Process for Creative Studios

Studio Management Platform Solves Most Time-Consuming Parts of Going After New Business

August 7, 2023

Today, NIM Labs announces NIM 6.0, a major update to its studio management platform that helps creative studios win business, track projects and assess financials, all in one place. With new bidding updates, studios can go after anything from quick jobs to the latest Marvel movie in no time at all, without losing sight of their bottom line.


“No one starts a creative studio to spend all their time in spreadsheets,” says Andrew Sinagra, co-founder of NIM Labs. “NIM 6.0 brings order to the bidding process, reducing most tasks to a couple of clicks. Now, producers can easily gauge margins, automate line items and segment their drafts in the fastest way possible, even when they’re pitching a 1,000+ shot production.”


Originally created by Ntropic, NIM was designed to give studios a complete overview of their performance from finances to production, so they can accurately measure the health of their organization any time they want. NIM 6.0 builds on this foundation, funneling insights from clients like Digital Domain into tools that help studios stay on track.


While bidding has traditionally been a burden for most studios, it’s also a necessary one, as new business efforts not only prevent funding gaps, but provide new fodder for creative minds and keep talent on staff. To help, NIM’s bidding tools have been redesigned for speed and efficiency, so producers can create complex bids fast and always find what they are looking for.


In NIM 6.0, bids are no longer limited by scale, as the system works just as fast on 100 line items as it does on 10,000. Shot breakdowns can be easily categorized and auto-populated with new or existing information drawn from previous projects, helping producers save time as they mix and match. Each section will also include margin information, so teams can see if they are promising too much or if there’s room to give when they want to make their offer more appealing.



Extensive contact lists can now be navigated with ease. Producers can link contacts to a particular company, or in the case of freelancers, to multiple. Contacts can now be organized by keywords or groups, making it much easier to locate specialized directors, the right music studio or anything else when your team needs a bit of extra help.


Contact insights also extend to previous clients. With notes and retained data attached, producers can easily assess a relationship, see a breakdown of past jobs, track a studio’s most profitable clients and even view the previous rates that’ve been charged to a person. Combined with NIM’s other business intelligence tools, studios have everything they need to make better decisions informed by data.


New updates provide even more control over who receives notifications and when, so internal communications stay relevant. For instance, teams can now trigger notifications to specific team members just by updating the status of a project, so the right people always stay in the know.


UI Updates

NIM’s UI has also been updated for a cleaner, more modern look that presents users with all the information they need, without overwhelming them.


To explore how NIM’s features help different parts of an organization, please visit their Creatives, Producers and Executives pages for more information.


Pricing & Availability

NIM 6.0 is available now. Annual licenses are $30/month per user and monthly licenses are $40/month per user. Annual and monthly licensing can be mixed to cover individual studio needs.


Delivered as a virtual machine (VM), NIM 6.0 is also introducing a few new platform versions. These include: Ubuntu 22.04, PHP 8.2.6, MySQL 8.0.33, Apache 2.4.57, Python 3.10.6.