Column: What U.S. broadcasters can learn from Europe about AR

From NewscastStudio

By Phil Ventre

December 4, 2020

A few years ago, the industry was buzzing about how augmented reality was coming soon to a newscast near you.


Fast-forward to today, and adoption rates in the U.S. remain fairly low. When looking at any tech spend, broadcasters generally ask four questions: Will it increase revenue, save money, add viewers or take viewers away from the competition? Hitting one of these is good. AR can help broadcasters hit all four.


Viewer attention is fragmented, and the COVID-19 pandemic has compounded this as families work and school from home. Distractions are everywhere, which means news broadcasts need bolder, more immersive graphics to keep audiences engaged. In the United States, AR is usually sponsored by advertisers, leading to brash graphics that feel like ads. By contrast, EMEA news outlets view AR as a way to add value and inform the audience.


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