Column: Green virtual production. Is it just a marketing buzzword?

From Newscast Studio

By Mike Ruddell

October 12, 2021

The latest data from BAFTA’s sustainability calculator shows that one hour of television production generates 9.2 metric tons of CO2 equivalent. The good news: This is a 10% reduction in carbon footprint since 2017.


The bad news? It would still take more than 900 trees a whole year to absorb that hour’s worth of entertainment. And that’s just to mitigate the environmental costs of production; it doesn’t include the impact of transmission or distribution. Clearly, broadcasters have a long way to go before becoming truly sustainable.


Luckily, virtual production may help. Throughout the pandemic, the technology has frequently been highlighted as a path to lower the industry’s carbon footprint. But are the sustainability benefits to virtual production genuine, or is “green VP” just another marketing buzzword?


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