Ncam Updates Unreal Engine 5 Plugin for Virtual Production & Broadcast Pipelines

Free AR Suite Lite Plugin Helps Film & TV, Broadcast and Esports Leverage 3D Content

May 24, 2022

Today, Ncam — creators of the world’s most advanced real-time camera tracking technology — announce new Unreal Engine 5 support for its AR Suite plugin, automating essential processes for teams creating professional virtual graphics and in-camera VFX.


“With AR Suite, artists can start working in UE5 in as little as 30 seconds, providing a fast path to one of the most powerful production tools on the planet,” said Nic Hatch, CEO at Ncam. “By automating time-intensive tasks like setup and compositing, studios can take full advantage of the new features in a way that makes UE5 feel even more accessible to artists working on real-time projects.”

Introduced in 2020, AR Suite provides an automated bridge that connects real-time tracking data to Unreal Engine, so film, TV and broadcast companies can deliver photorealistic virtual productions, AR content and more in the most seamless way possible. Production-proven, AR Suite has already been used on high-profile projects for Amazon, Warner Bros. and more.


With this new update, teams can link UE5’s most prized features to their tracking pipeline right away, without extra coding or system integrations. This includes UE5’s new Nanite geometry system, which enables the creation of massive 3D worlds without any noticeable loss in performance or fidelity. When combined with tools like Ncam Reality, productions can push the scale of live XR, real-time CG environments and more as they engage viewers and bring new efficiencies to the production process.

Currently, Ncam offers two versions of the plugin: Lite, which is free from the Epic Marketplace, and Standard, which is extended with advanced rendering pipelines and provided as a separate installer to Ncam customers. Other new updates include:


Improved Tracking Data and Video Synchronization

Timecodes no longer have to be embedded in the camera signal, a huge benefit for customers working in the broadcast space where timecodes are less prevalent.


Added Ncam SDKLITE Protocol

Ncam Reality’s markerless setup allows for technician-free operation without the need to set up fiducials or markers. With SDKLITE, users can also go wireless with UE5.


Added Support for Epic’s Built-in Lens Distortion Framework

Customers now have more freedom over how they utilize Ncam in their projects, improving on what is already the fastest and most accurate lens profiling technology in the industry.


Download the Ncam AR Suite plugin today.


Pricing & Availability

The free AR Suite Lite plugin is available from the UE Marketplace; the full AR Suite plugin will be provided as a separate installer to Ncam customers. For more information, please contact