Liaison Adds Real-Time Broadcast Graphics Leader Zero Density to Client Roster

Liaison to Expand Zero Density’s Reach in Broadcast and Live Events Through Strategic Messaging and Press Outreach

November 16, 2021

Liaison, an award-winning public relations firm specializing in 3D technology, today announces the addition of Zero Density to its client roster. Zero Density is a world leader in real-time virtual studio technologies for the broadcast, live events and e-sports markets. Liaison will run Zero Density’s global PR content and strategy, drawing on decades of industry experience to amplify upcoming product launches and coordinate thought leadership opportunities in the growing field of real-time graphics.


“Zero Density has been behind projects like the Olympics, Red Bull’s first virtual rap competition and Louis Vuitton virtual fashion shows, which shows the depth of their work and how far the real-time graphics industry has progressed,” said Heidi Lowell, founder and president of Liaison. “By providing solutions that enable more photoreal augmented reality and virtual studio graphics, Zero Density is filling a key need in the evolving broadcast market. We are very excited to help tell their story.”

Founded in 2014, Zero Density develops products to empower a new level of visual storytelling for broadcast, live events and e-sports. Its real-time graphics software and hardware help studios blend computer graphics with live talent and footage, allowing organizations like The Weather Channel, Fox Sports and Warner Media to bring the world into their studios. At its core, Zero Density focuses on bringing new solutions into a long-established industry, and making it easy for anyone to jump in.


“We’ve been honored to work with some of the biggest names in broadcast, but we’re equally proud of our work making this technology accessible to the larger industry,” said Kuban Altan, co-founder and vice president of R&D at Zero Density. “We want to continue to educate potential partners on what we do, and show what’s possible with real-time graphics.”