Leia Inc. Launches Immersity AI Platform, Adds New 2D-to-3D Video Conversion Tool

Introducing Neural Depth Mapping Technology, Now Expanding from Image to Video Conversion for XR Devices

May 22, 2024


MENLO PARK, Calif. — May 22, 2024 — Today, Leia Inc. the leader in 3D display technology for personal devices, announces the launch of Immersity AI, a new user-friendly platform that can now transform both 2D images and videos into immersive 3D experiences.


Previously known as LeiaPix, Immersity AI has been incubating for over a year, yielding higher definition and speed in its 2D-to-3D conversions. In that time, its initial toolset, which quickly turned 2D images into stunning 3D with depth and motion, has gained 3 million users — with 200,000 more being added every month.


With the launch of the new video converter, creators can bring more spatial intrigue to everything from travel videos and digital art to brand content that’s sure to stop the scroll. Using Immersity AI is also incredibly simple. A user simply uploads their file, dials in the depth intensity, and exports a 20-second sample in minutes. This sample is available in all leading formats, ready for traditional screens and XR devices like Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro.


Immersity AI is powered by Leia Inc.’s Neural Depth Engine, which can generate the world’s most accurate depth maps in seconds. This next-gen depth mapping technology is being continuously trained/fine-tuned on millions of proprietary real-world 3D captures, enabling a level of rapid detail that is setting a new standard in 3D content conversion.

“Everyone is born creative, but somewhere along the line many start to believe that if you aren’t artistic or trained in certain mediums, you just have to sit it out,” said Fabio Esposito, CEO of Leia Inc. “Immersity AI is a way for anyone to access that inner creativity, turning their content into something that is immediately powerful to everyone they show it to.”


New features are already planned for Immersity AI. This includes a consumer app for iOS and Android users, which will make it easy to transform 2D images and videos into 3D creations that can be shared on all major social platforms. An XR app and enhanced API for businesses that want to build this capability into their own platforms are coming later this year, as well.


Pricing and Availability

Immersity AI is available now via immersity.ai for free. Pricing for XR exports is credit-based. The full breakdown can be found on Immersity AI’s pricing page.