Leaders in Volumetric Video, Arcturus, Turn to Liaison for PR Strategy

Liaison to Help Launch Real-Time, Responsive Volumetric Video into E-Commerce, Sports and Entertainment Markets

May 24, 2021

Liaison, an award-winning communications firm specializing in 3D technology, has been selected by Arcturus as its worldwide agency of record. Liaison will direct awareness campaigns for the company, as well as education initiatives for volumetric video, a rapidly emerging market. The goal is to position Arcturus a company founded by former Google, Pixar, Dreamworks and Autodesk execs as the leader in the next major step in the evolution of video.


“Right now, volumetric video is the new kid on the block,” said Heidi Lowell, founder and president of Liaison. “In order to grow into an industry mainstay, tech like this needs a precise and powerful message, and they need to be aggressive in getting it out there. At Liaison, that’s what we do best.”

Arcturus builds tools that make it possible for content creators to leverage the power of volumetric video and then deliver it to viewers. Volumetric video captures a 3D space, including objects and live performers, from all angles using multiple cameras. The recorded data can then be made responsive and interactive by using Arcturus’s “HoloSuite” tools, making it ideal for technologies like holograms and augmented reality. HoloSuite allows creators to manage and edit the videos, and add them to existing workflows in other post production tools, including Maya, Unreal Engine and more. Then, using proprietary compression technology, creators can stream the content directly to a desktop browser or compatible mobile device, where it can be viewed without the need for additional hardware or special apps.


“Like any new tech, volumetric video is complicated on its face, but the value it brings is clear,” said Piotr Uzarowicz, head of partnerships and marketing at Arcturus. “Liaison’s understanding of the tech, the players and the markets will be essential in crafting that unique story that we can take to the masses.”