The Gloves are Off – (well, on actually)…Rokoko Test Drive

From fxguide

By Mike Seymour

September 28, 2020

Rokoko has released a new motion capture Glove system, Smartgloves, which offers an easy and very cost-effective hand Mo-Cap solution. The gloves start from just $895 pre-order and provide a new powerful option for both Live and standard motion capture. While the Rokoko gloves naturally work with the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro, they have been designed to integrate with a range of modern MoCap suits.


While for some time people have enjoyed wireless motion capture suits with embedded sensors, especially systems like Rokoko and X-sens, which have been powerful tools for body motion capture, there has been somewhat of a gap in the market for affordable reliable motion capture gloves. Inside high-end major capture volume systems it has been possible to capture finger movement (See the Vicon/UE4/Shogun example below) but these are expensive high-end solutions. The problem of finger movement is extremely tricky due to occlusion, scale, and the complexity of hand movements that people enjoy. Until now there has been a real problem with independent filmmakers, and researchers having many options for lightweight affordable systems with a low technical footprint.


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