Don’t hate me, but I think this new AI art tool could have a use

Client: Leia Inc.

Outlet: Creative Bloq

May 7, 2024

AI art isn’t what it was a year ago. For good or bad the tools are here and they’re evolving incredibly fast. Working out ways to bring AI tools into your workflow is one of the most current dilemmas facing many digital artists. As Martin Nebelong argues in his opinion piece on ‘AI art is only a threat if we let prompt-jockeys take control’, learning ways to make AI work for us and not replace us is crucial.


One of these new AI tools that can be a useful addition to your workflow is LeiaPix, which quickly turns 2D illustrations into 3D animation, ideal for bringing a sketch, painting or scene to life. LeiaPix is akin to turning your 2D art into short stereoscopic animations that feel like old lenticular images.


I’ve tried LeiaPix myself and was taken aback by how good the 3D animated results are; I drop a sketch I made in Procreate on an iPad Pro and watch as loose lines animate with a new perspective. Although at around five seconds this is short and illustrative, it’s impressive. You can get the same effect by spending time creating 3D in Photoshop to enhance still images in After Effects, but LeiaPix takes seconds to convert 2D art into short animations.


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