disguise Unlocks Custom Real-Time Production with New API Release

New Public APIs Allow Users to Build Custom Workflows and Integrations for disguise’s Designer Software

January 26, 2023

Today disguise releases the latest version of Designer, its pioneering software for testing, editing and controlling real-time graphics. Whether it’s for an LED virtual production stage or a projection-mapped building, Designer’s new APIs will let developers easily build custom solutions for everything from camera calibration to color control, enabling simplified workflows for complex visualizations on the disguise platform.


disguise already has a history of enabling integrations on Designer and the new APIs will take its accessibility to the next level. Users can leverage the APIs to build on the disguise platform, discover new integrations tailored to their specific workflow requirements and create tailor-made, value-added solutions for their projects.


“For over 20 years, creatives have used our Designer software to preview what 2D and 3D content will look like on stage, simulate LED projections, synchronize content to timecodes and more,” says Raed Al Tikriti, disguise Chief Product Officer. “With our new APIs, we’ve now taken our platform one step further, making it easy to create customized workflows for non-specialist users. It removes technical barriers and allows the creation of specific tools required for a particular task, bringing more efficiency and greater control to the workflow.”


Some new use cases supported by the APIs include:


Show control: Tailor your show control for non-disguise experts with an API that simplifies the development of targeted workflows. Easily manage and control UIs to streamline show control and provide greater access.


Camera calibration on the go: Set up camera calibration from any device, anywhere. This API enables remote calibration control, allowing operators to calibrate while standing with a camera on xR or VP stages.


Control disguise servers: Gain greater control and save time with less back-and-forth between applications and a simplified workflow. This API enables control of disguise projects and RenderStream workloads through simplified administration operations such as start, stop and restart.


Status support: View disguise system health and status in off-the-shelf monitoring tools or build bespoke status UIs. This API enables the monitoring of machines with methods to provide an overall health status as well as specifics such as genlock and notifications.


Greater color capabilities: Experienced colorists expect to use tools specifically focused and geared to color science. This API enables color control in disguise from specialist color applications including Pomfort’s color grading tool Livegrade Studio.


All disguise APIs are scalable solutions designed using the widely adopted HTTP and JSON approach with OpenAPI documentation, facilitating easy adoption for your workflow. Developers, partners and integrators can access them on disguise’s newly launched Disguise Developer portal, which was created to give users the power to build new capabilities with disguise in new and imaginative ways.


James Walton, Director of ON LX Limited, says, “The HTTP API enables closer integration with disguise than ever possible. We’re looking forward to the new opportunities it brings. Alongside playback controls, the release opens the floodgates for us to construct monitoring systems to allow our Ctrl Suite users to build workspaces that react in real time to system events, and network and device changes to send commands, alongside the existing playhead and triggering controls. The data that can be leveraged through this API and used across multi-server installations is a game changer when building unified control systems.”



Developers can now access Designer’s suite of APIs along with its documentation and guidance for building integration at disguise’s new Disguise Developer portal.


Learn more about the latest Designer software release here.