disguise Partners with Smart Monkeys to Unlock ISAAC Integration

disguise’s Platform will Integrate Smart Monkeys’ ISAAC Solution, Bringing an End-to-End Workflow to Control Integrated AV Systems in Media and Entertainment.

September 28, 2023

disguise, the leading platform enabling real-time content and groundbreaking visual experiences, announces a new partnership to advance the scalability and accessibility of its solutions. The company is teaming up with Smart Monkeys to integrate their AV monitoring and management tool ISAAC to the disguise platform, enabling creatives to deliver the next generation of immersive location-based experiences.


ISAAC is a multifaceted platform that aims to redefine the way AV systems are deployed, monitored and managed. From lighting and audio to video projections and displays, it allows users to monitor and manage all elements of an AV system from a single on-premise portal without the need for internet connection. Users can also manage, distribute and schedule content playback remotely using ISAAC.


By integrating ISAAC with disguise’s Designer software, both technical and non-technical users alike will be able to remotely monitor and manage the disguise platform alongside their wider AV system — removing the need for 24/7 on-site monitoring.

While the integration is currently in development, upon its upcoming launch, users will enjoy a more simplified and unified experience when running their fixed installation projects. Some of the key benefits and outcomes include:


  • Users with little to no experience with Designer can control and monitor a complex, integrated system powered by disguise


  • Scheduling content playback from pre-defined playlists, providing complete flexibility when outputting video from disguise to specific screens and surfaces


  • Monitoring the hardware status and project information of disguise and the wider AV system from ISAAC to minimize the need for scheduled downtime


  • Highly customizable alerts and notifications for changes in system behavior for troubleshooting and analytics


“This year has been huge for disguise’s expansion into location-based experiences! First, with the launch of our EX 3 video playback hardware designed specifically for projects of any size and complexity within this sector, and now with this key partnership with Smart Monkeys, we are proving that disguise is the most integrated, reliable and scalable end-to-end solution for location-based experiences. We are incredibly excited to collaborate with Smart Monkeys to advance the accessibility of our solutions to an even wider market,” says disguise VP of Product, Caroline Cardozo.


“Location-based Media Experience has become a huge market in recent years, and the ISAAC platform is providing the perfect balance between CMS and system monitoring for that type of application,” adds Smart Monkeys CEO, Stephan Villet. “The integration with disguise is one of the most highly anticipated additions to our ecosystem partners. We can’t wait to see what architects and producers will create with that combination.”


To find out more about the partnership and when the integration becomes available, register your interest here.