From Digital Media World

By Adriene Hurst

January 15, 2022

Video production, post and applications are evolving and expanding rapidly around the world. Various new developments and innovations that got underway and gained momentum in 2021 look certain to continue growing in 2022.


Virtual production, volumetric video, digital humans and remote work are a few of those innovations that proved they were more than trends – they are here to stay. Digital Media World talked to three companies that have been working in these new areas, asking them what they consider to be their next challenges in 2022.


Ncam – Virtual Production

At Ncam, we spoke to CEO Nic Hatch, who co-founded Ncam in 2012 to develop virtual production techniques and systems for film, TV and broadcast. He has no doubts that 2022 will be the year of virtual production, though real-world experience is lacking. “In the coming year,” he said, “we will likely see expanded educational opportunities at schools and universities, as well as more facilities like our training studios in Prague and Rio de Janeiro.”


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