Virtual production excellence awards 2024

Client: Disguise

Outlet: Definition Magazine

April 5, 2024

Introducing the inaugural Definition Virtual Production Excellence Awards: our celebration of the innovators, creators and educators leading the way in the VP revolution. From sustainability champions to noteworthy newcomers; lighting leaders to camera-tracking gurus, join us as we unveil the victors — each and every one of which has been setting new standards and redefining possibilities in the VP space. Dive into our coverage to discover the extraordinary contributions and groundbreaking achievements of our amazing winners!


*Training Impact award: Disguise VP Accelerator

For all the dazzling creative opportunities it opens up, the complexity of workflows and key technologies in VP also present challenges for the industry. A lot of hard work is being done to plug the skills gap — with new initiatives and education programmes emerging all the time — but we’re giving a special shout out to the Disguise VP Accelerator.


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