Power of Attorney

From Definition Magazine


March 14, 2023

Client: Digital Domain

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When the very first feature film based on a Marvel comic was released in 1986, there were very high hopes. Howard the Duck (known in Europe as Howard: A New Breed of Hero) had George Lucas, Lea Thompson (Back to the Future), Tim Robbins (The Shawshank Redemption) and a hefty budget to its name. Upon release, the film was panned by critics and hemorrhaged money at the box office. In 2014, the Los Angeles Times listed the film as one of the costliest box- office flops ever made. However, despite that false start, Marvel Comics, now part of the Walt Disney Company stable, has had more than ten billion-dollar-grossing films to its name.


Late last year, the eighth Marvel Studios television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was released on Disney+. It’s about Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who specialises in cases involving superhumans. She also happens to be the
green superhero, She-Hulk.


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