Hidden Artistry

Client: Chaos

Outlet: Definition Magazine

January 30, 2024

In recent years, the rise of #NoCGI has been hard to miss. Whether it’s articles hyping ‘practical-only’ firms, or comment sections rallying against CGI in general, the narrative has shifted away from the craft. Ironically, this is all during a time when invisible effects and filmmaking have never been more collaborative or intertwined.


That’s right: we are in a golden age of invisible effects. Artists are making scenes possible that never would have seen the light of day – or reached the mammoth scale that we are seeing across theatres and streaming services. And the truth is, when the average person sees these breakdowns – even the #NoCGI contingent – they are shocked about how seamlessly these elements are woven into a shot. You just can’t tell – and that’s a testament to the artists.


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