ChromaLight paint improves greenscreen results

Client: Zero Density

Outlet: Post Magazine

May 23, 2023

One of the first things that really drew my eye at NAB was the greenscreen at Zero Density’s booth. It looked… different, but a good different that made me want to know what they were using. I’ve built a few greenscreens in my day, and have done a lot of work on greenscreens, but the color of this one was just different, which intrigued me. It turns out that they were using a new chromakey paint, from a company called ChromaLight (


So what is it that makes ChromaLight different? Well, they say it is the perfect greenscreen developed with a few things in mind. The first is durability. If you’ve ever had a greenscreen, you have probably had to really baby your floor, roping off sections and making people wear booties to keep from scuffing it because the paint isn’t particularly durable.


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