Chaos Releases V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D

Seamless Decals, Beautiful Clouds and Other Production-Ready Features Now Available in Artist-Friendly Renderer

September 28, 2022

Today, Chaos launches V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D, expanding artistic control on everything from particles to the sky. C4D users can now access production-ready features like V-Ray Enmesh, the new procedural clouds system and V-Ray Decal.


V-Ray Decal can project anything, from 3D stickers and labels to weathering elements like cracks, stains and scratches, onto any surface – all in a few clicks. Decals can be applied at angle, without extra UVW work or disturbing the underlying materials, giving artists more creative freedom in their work. A displacement setting is also available for when users want even more realism.


VRayEnmesh is a new system that repeats geometry across the surface of an object in the most memory-efficient way possible. With Enmesh, artists can start treating geometry like a texture, creating patterns like panels, fences and fabrics that are ready for their close-up. Enmesh is so easy on the memory, users can add billions of polygons to a scene without compromise.


Procedural Clouds have been added to the V-Ray Sun and Sky system, removing the need to settle for a static HDR or a cloudless sky. Artists can now customize their scenes, taking full advantage of ray-traced lighting, ground shadows and volumetric effects as they animate.

Additional Updates Include:


  • Particle rendering support – Quickly render particles based on different parameters such as size, speed and color. It’s now easier to create a wide variety of effects – from splashes and foam to bubbles and sparks.


  • ACEScg Support – Gain a wider color palette with an industry-standard ACEScg color-encoding system, complete with automatic adjustments for textures, dispersion, sun & sky and light temperature.


  • Finite Dome Light – Fine-tune the scale and depth of your product designs/HDRI renders with the V-Ray Dome Light’s new, more flexible ground projection capabilities.


  • Light Cache in IPR – The output of V-Ray’s Interactive Production Renderer (IPR) is now identical to the production renderer, so teams can make better decisions in the moment.


  • Better Reflections – With the new energy compensation updates, rough metals and surfaces will look even more realistic.


  • Better Translucent Materials – Render frosted glass and marble faster with the V-Ray Material’s new illumination mode.


  • Thin-Film Materials – A new thin-film layer has been added to the V-Ray Material, making it easy to create iridescent materials like soap bubbles and oil spills.


  • Panorama Viewer – Panoramas can now be explored and edited in the V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB), without the need for third-party tools.


  • Composition Guides – A new proportions layer makes it easy to pick the right camera angle with the help of visual guides like the rule of thirds and the golden spiral.


  • VFB IPR Selections – Materials, objects and focal points can now all be selected while rendering, with a simple mouse click.


For a full feature tour, please visit the V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D “What’s New” page.


Pricing and Availability


V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D is available now for Windows, Mac OS, and is compatible with Cinema 4D versions R21 to 2023. All V-Ray subscription plans work for all supported host applications, including Cinema 4D, Maya, Houdini, 3ds Max, Nuke, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp and Unreal. Pricing can be found on the Chaos website.