AI Will Make Virtual Production More Accessible

Client: Disguise

Outlet: Computer Graphics World

January 6, 2024

This year has seen virtual production shed its science-project status. Gone are the experimental stages and first-time setups. Instead, we have huge, complex virtual production stages that run like clockwork. There’s just one problem–most still aren’t scalable. The costs are high, and you need a huge team of technical wizards to make it work. In a world still recovering from strikes, many productions aren’t able to pay for that.


That’s why, as 2024 approaches, I believe we will transition into more nimble, flexible stages that can be built quickly and operated by just a few people. To meet this need, we’ll see an increasing number of stages that can switch shape and size very quickly, helping productions get the shots they require. And it’s not just infrastructure that’ll be more flexible, productions will also use technologies like 2.5D and generative AI to be flexible, too.


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