CGarchitect Launches AI Exposure Engine to Get Archviz Artists More Work

New Platform to Tackle the Exposure and Recruitment Problems That are Holding the Industry Back

May 21, 2020

Today, CGarchitect introduces a new hub to help the architectural visualization community get seen, get info and get a job – all in one place. An industry standard for nearly 20 years, CGarchitect will also re-launch with the industry’s first impact score. Through a proprietary mix of AI, gamification and 50 distinct metrics, artists and studios will now be able to track the most positive/inspiring members of the community through an evolving score.


“Exposure and recruiting problems have dogged our industry for years; it’s time for a change,” said Jeff Mottle, CEO of CGarchitect. “We’ve been working with top studios to design a platform that will help artists stand out and be recognized for the positive contributions they make to the community, so they can advance their careers at a much faster rate, either now or when the industry starts getting back to normal.”

Get Seen


At CGarchitect, attention begins with a portfolio. With new templates, artists can easily create magazine-like spreads of their work, using custom tools to personalize the look and layout of each project. As the profile develops, artists earn impact points that make them easier to find. Search queries will be aided by onboard AI, which continues to tag unique elements whenever a new piece goes live. The AI is also being trained to assess quality to help the best work stand out.


Get Info


CGarchitect’s education wing will continue to offer the same type of news, tutorials, research and op-eds that have made it an essential resource for nearly 20 years. Since impact scores are weighted towards positive contributions, a publishing platform has been created to help artists share tutorials and trend pieces that will help others grow. The best pieces will be highlighted by CGarchitect on the main news page, amplifying voices that make a mark.


“Archviz can be a confusing career, so we want to incentivize mentorship and aid throughout the industry,” added Mottle. “Most mistakes are avoidable if we just talk to each other. We’ll continue doing our part, highlighting great ideas, surveys and growth paths to help everyone stay on track.”

Get a Job


When artists apply for new positions, they’ll be using a system vetted by the top studios in the industry. Per their request, applications will be image-centric, a nod to the actual requirements of the field. From there, studios can explore profiles or use search tools to find talent that meets their needs. The tools again employ AI to match portfolios to studio requirements, using 50 metrics to determine both an artist’s skill level and fit.


The job section will also include the industry’s first Recruiter CRM. As recruitment isn’t limited to one site, CGarchitect has created a system that will manage the application process across channels. Unique links can be created for each recruitment space (website, job board, etc.). When clicked, they will bring the artist back to CGarchitect to fill out an application, ensuring that all relevant info ends up in the same place.


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Portfolio Credit: DBOX