How Blur Used Light to Create Darkness in David Fincher’s ‘Bad Travelling’

From AWN

by Debbie Diamond Sarto

August 5, 2022

Client: Chaos
Outlet: AWN


Tim Miller’s animation and VFX studio bridged the gap between live-action and CG using V-Ray’s Light Selects and Physical Camera Exposure controls to realize the famed director’s aesthetic on his first computer-animated film, part of ‘Love, Death + Robots’ Volume 3 now streaming on Netflix.


Award-winning filmmaker David Fincher brought his signature aesthetic, with its characteristic low-key lighting and dark palettes, to his inaugural contribution in the most recent season of Netflix’s anthology Love, Death + Robots, which he executive produces alongside Tim Miller. Fincher directed Bad Travelling, his first completely computer-animated film, a thriller about a dishonest crew sailing alien seas and a monster who strikes a murderous deal with the ship’s captain.


The project led Fincher to Miller’s animation and VFX firm, Blur Studio, which used V-Ray for 3ds Max’s lighting tools to help capture the darkness the filmmaker is known for.


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