Chaos Talks anima with Architosh—Buying AXYZ design and Arch Viz Futures

Outlet: Architosh

Client: Chaos

November 30, 2023

Chaos’ recent acquisition of Anima software maker AXYZ design is just one more sign that Chaos has assembled a powerhouse of software geniuses. (see: Architosh, “Chaos acquires AXYZ design,” 14 Jul 23) It begs the question: What might Chaos do next for the AEC and visualization industries?


Why Anima Matters

Top architecture firms worldwide use AXYZ design’s popular anima 5 software. Firms like KPF and HOK create stunning animations of their projects to win the work and achieve design direction consensus and approvals. “It’s part of the storytelling,” says Phillip Miller, VP Product, Solutions for Artists at Chaos. “You can have a beautiful image of a beautiful building, but it doesn’t come to life until you see people not only in it but moving.”


Diego Gadler, an architect specializing in visualization, founded AXYZ design to focus on making the visualization of people and moving animated people vastly easier than it had been in the past.


“As an architect, I spent a lot of time getting people just right for a visualization, for the client to then ask for a different angle of the image,” says Gadler. “I would then need to redo all this work. This background of frustration made me think about making the visualization of people to animate much easier.”


Born from this perspective, Gadler’s software firm, only seven people at the time of Chaos’ acquisition, has established its anima software as the de facto leader in the animation of people specifically for the architectural visualization industry.


While Anima 5 has been enjoying its leadership in the market, Chaos, with its market-leading V-Ray and Corona renderers, seeing how popular combining them with anima was becoming. “There is a need for animation and the animation of diversified people by our customers,” says Christian Lang, CEO of Chaos. “It is one of the top requests we are getting from the market.”


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