Telescope Animation Officially Launches with Full Spectrum ‘Last Whale Singer’ Content Slate

From Animation Magazine

By Mercedes Milligan

February 11, 2020

Berlin- and Hamburg-based transmedia production company Telescope Animation has announced its first slate of upcoming projects, with several releases across multiple platforms all centered on an original new IP: The Last Whale Singer. Utilizing cross-platform tools and real-time technology capable of sharing assets across multiple mediums, Telescope Animation’s first offerings will include an animated feature film, a prequel game set in the same universe, an AR/VR project, a series that picks up after the movie and more.


“The tools and methods being used to create films, games and a lot of interactive content are growing closer and closer together, but there aren’t a lot of production companies that are willing or able to take advantage of that,” said Reza Memari, Telescope’s co-founder and co-CEO, and the writer/co-director for the animated film A Stork’s Journey. “Telescope Animation was founded in part to allow us to experiment with what can be done through modern narrative design across mediums. With a close-knit team, our strong focus on storytelling and advanced tools, we can allow ourselves to dream big and take chances.”

The Last Whale Singer is the first animated feature selected for development for the German “Outstanding Films for Children” Initiative. It is partially funded by Creative Europe MEDIA, and includes film subsidies from BKM/Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film and FFA. Telescope Animation is also working with Whale & Dolphin Conservation (WDC), an international wildlife charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins around the world.


Two additional, as-yet unannounced projects based on original concepts are also in development, including a feature film with a game tie-in, and a potential episodic series that will also offer a companion game. Each individual release will act as a standalone story, with additional releases on other mediums helping to expand the universe.


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